The EU Bank Supporting
Ukrainian Businesses

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Ukraine Agri-Food Value Chain Project

About the Project

The European Investment Bank Supporting Ukrainian Businesses

The “Ukraine Agri-Food APEX Loan” Operation (referred to hereafter as the Ukraine Agri-Food Value Chain Project) consists of a EUR 400 million European Investment Bank (EIB) loan intended for selected agricultural value chains in Ukraine and a complementary Technical Assistance program. This Technical Assistance is offered on two levels:

First, the project provides support and advice to  financial intermediaries (commercial banks and agriculture leasing companies) which lend to companies in the cereals, oilseeds and aquaculture/fishery sectors and which can become participants by on-lending the EIB loan.

If you are a representative of a commercial bank or agricultural leasing company, read more about the type of support the project could provide to your organization and the criteria for participation in the programme.

Second, the project assists companies (Small and medium enterprises and Mid-Caps up to 3000 employees) working in the target sectors (cereals, oilseeds, and aquaculture/fishery) on investment planning and loan applications and which can receive funds from the EIB loan program.

If you are a representative of a company working in these sectors, read more about the kind of assistance which the project can provide to your firm.

These sectors can apply for funding:

The purpose of the project is to offer long-term credit support for wide range of companies in the cereals, oilseeds and aquaculture sectors. Therefore, all companies involved in operations in the mentioned fields are encouraged to  contact the Extension Service Providers in your region or the Technical Assistance Team to learn more about financing opportunities

Partner banks

Ukraine Agri-Food Value Chain Project it is backed by donors willing to contribute meaningful Technical Assistance services. The consortium led by NIRAS A/S implements such services to secure that the loan funds are allocated and utilized in a timely, appropriate and efficient manner.