Please see our contact details on the website. Our specialists will then set up a meeting with the potential borrower, check the investment project, advise on the documents package. After that, the borrower can contact our partner banks.

The loan is made available in EUR and/or USD. Currently, the EIB is working on a scalable solution aiming to make available funding in UAH under this program.

The loan is made available at competitive interest rates and final beneficiaries are expected to receive the credit with a financial advantage of 1% over a regular loan outside of this program.

The EIB “Ukraine Agri-food APEX Loan” Project is designed to increase the competitiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural sector in the domestic and international markets. The idea is that EIB financing should create added economic value and not be purely a financial instrument for the borrower. This means that EIB funding should primarily be used for investment projects that will bring about a higher production performance and/or a better quality of food products. Refinancing of old loans, financing of cash gaps, factoring, purchase of existing businesses and similar projects are considered as those that do not create new economic value and are therefore not allowed within the project. Working capital replenishment is possible in a “permanent working capital” format and has certain restrictions, the main one being: a working capital financing period of at least two years.

Please refer to Resolution No. 606  dated 10 July 2019, namely, the currency and financial terms. The Government of Ukraine applies the following interest rates and fees to the EIB’s margin. Please see summary of main terms below:

  • 1 percent per annum in favor of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Commitment fee of 0.5 percent per annum on the undisbursed amounts to be paid to the Ministry of Finance. Management fee of 0.5 percent per annum on the amount drawn by the participating bank to cover the agency services of Ukreximbank
  • one-off fee of 0.25% in favour of the Ministry of Finance (participation fee).
  • one-off fee of 0.25% in favor of Ukreximbank (preparation fee).

Yes, you can. Please see the financial agreement between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank, specifically Clause 1.13 “Reuse”, that defines the provisions for such reuse.